Jan 02

Top Tips For 2015 On Astute Interview Strategies


But, at the same time, we achieved very important visions like the Sustainable Development Goals covering all spectrums of life and the Paris Agreement on climate change these are two very important, ambitious and far-reaching achievements. At the same time, I have been devoting all my efforts to improving gender empowerment. medical device interview thank you letterWhen I first became Secretary-General, there were just a few women staff at the senior level. But I have been trying to appoint as many capable and committed women to senior positions. I hope my successor, Antonio Guterres , will build upon this. UN News: Looking back at the past decade, what stands out for you as your major accomplishments at the helm of the United Nations? Ban Ki-moon: Whatever successes or achievements there may be, they are the outcome of joint efforts not by me alone. The Secretary-General, however capable or willing, cannot do it alone. No single country or person can do it alone without support.interview skills kent university

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